Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador Linda McCall

‘If you don’t build your dream someone else will hire you to build theirs’- Tony Gaskins

Reach Further with an Adventurous
Brand Influencer & Ambassador
on Your Team


Hi, I’m Linda McCall.  An adventurous digital nomad with a large social media following in the adventure lifestyle & travel arena.

I can spread your message further, and influence more people for you.

Twitter 40K
Facebook 1000K
Instagram 1400
Pinterest 100 +

Brand Influencer

Countries Visited 70+
Past Employers Australian Military, Qantas,  Royal Family of Saudi Arabia
Currently Digital Nomad

Using my own social following and influence, I can incorporate your message & brand into my messages to help you reach more people, more often.  I will build it into my own sharing under my own name.

Brand Ambassador

I can share and re-share your posts & messages as well as represent your brand and products at events to magnify your own team’s efforts.  As I travel the world as your brand ambassador, I can discover opportunities for your sales team.

Social Media Consultant

I can create and manage a range of social media about your brand and post them on your behalf.


Free Range Camping

Euro Moto Tours

Dream Racer



About Me

Linda grew up in the bush in the Northern Territory as a child of a builder and nurse.   Joined the Airforce at 19 saw much of Australia before moving to Hong Kong.  Then came regional and private airlines before joining Qantas and becoming an international flight attendant.  A year in Saudi Arabia with the Royal family broadened by contacts further. Self-employed now for five years I’ve learned to fly and have ridden solo across the US and around Australia.

Core Brands
Linda McCall
Real Inspired Dreams
One Lucky Rubber Ducky
Global Teapot
Other Brands
Business in Bare Feet
Mark Phillips

My Life on the Road

Life Experiences
Motorcycled solo across the USA
Recreation Plane & Hot Air Balloon Pilot
Worked for Saudi Royal Family
First Class International Flight Attendant
Master Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner
Circumnavigated Australia on my motorcycle
Ex – Military

I am a highly visible adventurous person as I travel as digital nomads.  We travel Australia and the world full-time, visiting cities and regional communities.  We do a lot of work with startups and businesses expanding overseas.  Volunteer mentoring for startup weekends. We keep three motorcycles on three continents for our global jaunts.

Pricing Starts at $497 p/mth

Primary tasks -include writing weekly or monthly articles or blogs of life on the road & all things adventure, digital nomad life and potentially with a new destination each week for a website. A live life story on the road with two digital nomads ( Mark Phillips is currently a Microsoft Ambassador ) and helping innovation through business around Australia and connecting with Outback startups encouraging continual growth.

All blog articles if required and posts include basic research and information to ensure the information is accurately represented, along with editing to ensure typos.

Products supplied by your company e.g. Campers and other promotional goods. Detailed reviews and usability of products will be documented and communication with marketing team essential.

Live FB posts on Digital Nomads live, happy to talk more about events for a cause. 

Training for Customer Relationship Development can be arranged with looking at all the key customer touchpoints business assessment, and training for staff can be arranged.

Supply Camping tips

Cooking recipes for cooking on a burner can be weekly we can do arrange a product all in action on the road

Quotes designed and created this can be weekly or monthly & pictures

Twitter – currently you have 2170.

Tweets are public, their easier to discover interaction is live conversation. it is easier to retweet for wider audience reach can be very specific niche.

Pinterest– Pinterest’s main advantage it that you can insert links so that as you click the photo pinned it goes to your website. It brings more traffic to your website.

With Pinterest, you can post links and buyers are ready to purchase on Pinterest. Links are easily clickable and active on Pinterest. Is a full-time job it is tricky and takes time to establish but with the right strategy we can target a market for the future. Traffic to websites from Pinterest is strong and continues to grow.Also, getting discovered through Google searches from platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook.Pinterest is designed to drive traffic by clicking on the image – links can be used. 

Instagram– Key benefits Instagram is highly visual with wide reaching to specific niece using hash tags latest study’s show Instagram content can generate up to 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook. Although Instagram is owned by Facebook & is 120 times more effective than Twitter for sales, Instagram can help you build trust and trust is how you gain sales. Instagram is growing rapidly and is predicted to outdo FB, shortly. This information is the latest from Forbes. Building the account for Instagram is beneficial to your future business and retargeting.

People buy from people and Instagram will help you build an emotional connection through stories and day to day experiences. Although you cannot add clickable links. The market was people born in the 1980 and 1990s millennials.

Instagram is the place to be like over 37% in this age group are here searching for inspiration. The thing about Instagram is free advertising and showcasing like window shopping, share it as a story, then you can build confidence and loyal following.

Facebook– Facebook is good for encouraging already engaged customers and raising the visibility of those already engaged. Add creation and analytics to track customer engagement.

Additional social media reach to our 120k+ social media reach through our networks can be arranged.

Other Services:

Customer & team development workshops – Mapping customer journeys & strategy sessions by Linda McCall

Personality profiling (AusIdentities based on Myers-Briggs). For team development, efficient meeting strategies by Michael White and Brian Williams

Expansion and scalability assessment by Linda McCall & Mark Phillips of Business in Barefeet)Leading edge technology assessment & enhancements with connectivity to the latest startup tech innovation up and coming that can affect your product for better or for worse.

Customer surveys FB, Twitter

Live video interviews with customers With all services, there is a start and end date established.

Startup date: To be established

End date: To be established If you are interested – to have a chat, please feel free to contact me and have a discussion we are happy to add value where we can.

Brand Ambassador

As a brand influencer for all things adventure lifestyle.

You can engage Linda to be responsible for the marketing and sharing of your brand message, product or service to the public through my social media channels.

If our values for business align, we are organically on the right track for success already. Representing the company in person or helping spread the word online this is what I do. As a digital nomad, Linda can walk her talk as she is living a working as a digital nomad, sharing your product and service naturally with my unique creative influence.

Linda can include blogs to assist you with assessing your marketing strategies and creating a strategy to move forward, using your product and service. Linda’s creative approach has many facets from creating free content to inspire your readers and direct product feedback through validation of what your audience wants. This in itself can be pivotal, which can be a make or break of your business not to mention be highly lucrative for your product expansion.

Because I am highly engaged with the startup community, Linda has an advantage of understanding the market competition and game-changing innovation, connecting you with that is happening globally. This is the difference that makes working with Linda a game changer for you and your company.

With a strong influence on Twitter and Linda spends her time travelling all over the world. The possibility is endless. Having worked and lived in Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia and having grown up in Aboriginal missions in Australia Linda has a deep understanding of cultures globally. With her military background, she has experienced a diverse life so far, to say the least. Her ability to enhance your business, product or service is endless.